Advertising Opportunities

There is a wide range of Advertising Opportunities available at the Eastlink Events Centre – Clarenville From Rink Board, On Ice Logos, Signage, Sponsorships and Web Ads, there is something for every budget.

Below is a brief overview of the types of advertising currently available at the Eastlink Events Centre – Clarenville. If you have an advertising & marketing idea but don’t see it below, feel free to contact the Events Centre manager at (709) 466-4105 ext.225 to discuss.

Arena Advertising

Rink Boards

There are a limited number if Rink Board advertising spots available, as this is the most popular form of advertising and spots go fast! Rink Boards are available in two sizes – a standard (8’) that will be placed at ONE location along the boards, and a smaller (4’) that will be placed at TWO locations along the boards. Please contact the Events Centre manager for any current available locations and pricing options

In-Ice Logos

In-Ice Logos have the approximate maximum size of 10’ x 10’. In-Ice Logo advertising will be placed at desired locations at ice centre and in the defensive zones. There is a limit number of spots available. Please contact the manager for availability and pricing options.

Player Benches

Another prime location for advertising is located along the two Player Benches. A number of Advertising Opportunities for this location include signage and banners. The location of both benches allow any advertising to be picked up on local visual broadcasting. Contact the manager to discuss this exciting new advertising option.

Zamboni Advertising

Zamboni Advertising is an exciting form of ‘mobile’ advertising that will get the attention of the audience. This form of advertising can include your business logo painted on the Zamboni itself, along with signage and any promotion you desire. This option is available a VERY LIMITED TIME during the winter season, so contact us today to check for availability and pricing.

Lower Level / Dressing Room Area

Signage advertising options are available for both the Lower Level & Dressing Room Areas. This form of advertising can include a wide range of options including signage and even dressing room sponsorship opportunities. Contact for the Events Centre manager for more details.

General Facility / Theatre Advertising

Facility Sponsorship

The Eastlink Events Centre – Clarenville has several sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year.  These range from sporting events to family shows.  We will work with the corporate partner to customize a package that will include: media tags, tickets, promotions, and hospitality. Please contact to further discuss.

Website Advertising

There is no secret that one of the best ways to garner attention for your business is through advertising on the Internet. Web ads, Banners, Sponsorships get incredible attention. And the costs are much cheaper than print advertising and radio. Best of all you can change ads and promos to suit your audience in seconds vs days. Costs for creative are inexpensive and ad creation services can be provided by the Eastlink Events Centre – Clarenville are inexpensive. Our team of web professionals have over 15 years experience in advertising and creating promotions that work.

Your corporate name and message can appear on our website. We have three web advertising options currently available:

Leaderboard Banner (728 x 90)

The Leaderboard Banner is the prime website advertising opportunity and appears at the very top of each page of the website. The banner size is 728 pixels x 90 pixels, and can be static or include animation within the advertising itself.
Leaderboard Banner placement will be randomly generated to all advertisers an equal opportunity to be seen. There is a limit of 6 spaces available. Please contact the Events Centre manager today to secure your banner.

Half Banner (468 x 60)

Half Banners will be placed on the right hand side of all Half Banners will be placed on the right-hand side of all sub-pages of the website with the exception of the Events Calendar.

The banner size is 468 pixels x 60 pixels and can be static or include animation. The Half Banner placement is also randomly generated. There is a limit of 12 spaces available.

Web Sponsorship

Website Sponsorships are currently available. Your logo will be placed at the footer of ALL pages of the Eastlink Events Centre – Clarenville Centre website, as well as a link placed on the Links page of the website.

Please contact the Events Centre manager for all advertising availabilities and pricing options.